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Trump Fined $9K, Faces Jail Threat in Hush Money Trial

Trump in court

Former President Donald Trump was held in contempt of court and fined $9,000 on Tuesday for repeatedly violating a gag order concerning the New York hush money case. Trump could face jail time if further violations occur, the court warned.

Trump's Violation of Gag Order Found by Judge

New York Judge Juan M. Merchan confirmed nine of the ten alleged violations. Trump, who vigorously claimed to be exercising his free speech rights, received a stern reprimand. The court emphasized the importance of Trump's First Amendment rights, but warned it wouldn't tolerate willful violations of its lawful orders.

Trump Ordered to Pay Fine and Remove Controversial Posts

By Friday, Trump is required to pay the fine and remove seven posts from his Truth Social account and two from his campaign website. The court is also considering other alleged gag order violations by Trump, with hearings scheduled for Thursday.

Historic Case Highlights

Prosecutors allege Trump and associates engaged in an illegal scheme to influence the 2016 presidential campaign. Notably, the case includes key testimonies from Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels, among others. Trump has pleaded not guilty.

Testimonies and Accusations

Merchan ruled a Trump post claiming liberal activists infiltrated the jury as a clear violation of the gag order. Several witnesses, including Gary Farro, a banker who helped Cohen open accounts, testified in the case. Farro detailed the process of creating accounts for two limited-liability companies, which were said to be involved in real estate consulting.

Prosecutors Build Case Against Trump

Prosecutors bring forth evidence, such as email exchanges, business transactions, and bank accounts, to prove Trump's guilt of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records related to hush money payments. The prosecution is awaiting crucial testimony from Cohen himself.

Trump Continues Campaign Amid Trials

Meanwhile, Trump continues to campaign for the upcoming elections as his trials proceed. He is obligated to be present in court during sessions. Trump decries the trials, asserting that the case should never have been brought forward.

Witness Details "Catch-and-Kill" Arrangement

A witness, Trump's longtime friend David Pecker, detailed a"catch-and-kill"arrangement where he collected damaging stories about Trump, allowing Trump's associates to bury these stories. Pecker's testimony spanned parts of four days.

Banker Testifies on Account Creation

Farro's testimony includes the setup of two limited-liability companies — corporate-speak for a business account that protects the person behind it from liability, debt, and other issues. These accounts were later used for controversial transactions.



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