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New Laws in Arizona Prove Detrimental

AZ HB 2569

  • Prohibits anyone within the state of Arizona from using private donations to help register voters, making it illegal for nonprofits to run get out the vote efforts and for counties to use donations to train poll workers and set up live-streaming cameras for election integrity at polling places. This bill became law in April 2021. 

AZ HB 2905

  • Makes it a felony for election officials to send unrequested mail-in ballots to voters (commonly used to remind citizens to vote), except where a voter is on the active early voters list or an election is already authorized by law to occur by mail. This bill became law in July 2021. 

AZ SB 1485

  • Removes voters from the permanent early voting list for failure to vote in two consecutive election cycles and renames the list the "active early voting list." These people will then show up to the polls thinking their paperwork is in good standing only to be turned away. This bill became law in May 2021. 

AZ HB 2794

  • Makes it illegal for election authorities to push back election-related deadlines without a court order, even in emergency cases where a natural disaster has inhibited voter participation. This bill became law in May 2021. 

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