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Arizona Outline

America is the greatest country in the world because of her citizens' unwavering commitment to freedom and honest elections. But politicians have increasingly made it harder for Americans who oppose them to vote, and trust in our democracy is dropping.


In Arizona, pork barrel audits and three recounts cost taxpayers millions. The audits all confirmed the election results and found no fraud. 


Nevertheless, new voting laws in Arizona:

  • Purge registered voters from early voter rolls (which 75% of Arizona voters are on), 

  • Make it harder for working Americans and the elderly to vote by limiting the mail-in vote, 

  • Cut essential funding needed to properly train poll workers and secure polling places. 


These changes, especially the purge of citizens who are legally registered to vote, make it clear that Arizona politicians believe voting is a benefit that is theirs to grant, rather than a Constitutional right of all American citizens.


If America is to remain the shining city on a hill and beacon of freedom and democracy to the world, we need to do better. 

Did You Know?

  • Arizona elections are secure. The GOP-funded private company, Cyber Ninjas, conducted a months-long audit on the 2020 Election in Arizona, finding no evidence of election fraud. The audit cost $9,000,000, only to reaffirm for the 4th time that the 2020 election results were correct. 

  • Arizona passed a law to purge registered voter rolls of anyone who has not voted in the past two elections. Legally registered citizens with a photo ID who show up expecting to fulfill their Constitutional right will be turned away.  

  • Arizona made it a felony for election officials to send mail-in ballots to voters who registered to vote by mail unless the voter expressly asks during each election. 

  • Arizona has introduced over 100 new laws that threaten election integrity by making it harder for American citizens to vote and local governments to adequately secure polling places.

How New Voting Restrictions Undermine Election Integrity in Arizona

  • Even after election integrity in Arizona elections was confirmed on the nation’s stage, Arizona lawmakers are passing laws that intentionally make it harder for citizens to vote and to properly secure polling places. 

  • These laws lack common-sense and threaten our Constitutional freedom to vote. Get the truth on how these laws are coming after American citizens’ rights. 

Voter Intimidation At Arizona Drop Boxes

  • Vigilantes are standing watch at Arizona drop boxes, wearing tactical gear and carrying weapons. They are photographing and following people dropping off their ballots. 

Arizonans’ Ability to Vote Not Affected By Hiccup in Vote Tabulation Machines

Latest Laws

More laws threatening election integrity have been passed. 

What's Ahead

Mark Finchem has made many statements attempting to undermine democracy. Now he’s running for secretary of state, where he would oversee Arizona’s elections and implement more voter restrictions that do nothing to improve election integrity. 


We’ve got to send Finchem and other elected leaders a clear message. Don’t tread on American citizens’ freedom to vote. 

Share the Facts

We can not protect election integrity alone. We need need all American citizens to band together. 

Please share our resources with fellow freedom-loving patriots who are dedicated to protecting election integrity. 

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