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Real Impacts on Election Integrity

New Laws Will Throw Out More Ballots by Registered Voters 

  • Arizona has high rates of provisional ballots, particularly from registered voters who accidentally vote out of precinct. Even though Arizona has very secure tabulation laws, from 2008 to 2016, Arizona refused to count 38,335 out-of-precinct ballots cast by registered voters.

  • Even though Arizonans already have their ballots rejected at a much higher than average rate, new laws will pave the way to throw out even more ballots without improving election security or transparency.

News Laws Will Purge the Elderly Vote

  • Arizona currently has a no-excuse vote by mail law, which means anyone is qualified to vote by mail. However, the voter purge authorized by SB 1485 will purge thousands of voters from the rolls. Not only will this change affect the thousands of citizens who will be purged, it will also create massive confusion in the hundreds of thousands of American citizens who use mail-in ballots, many of whom are elderly.

Ending Funding to Election Integrity Procedures

  • Private donations help fund poll worker training and security cameras in polling places to hold Arizona elections to the highest standard; they even funded the Cyber Ninja Audit. New laws would ban all private donations (even those from nonprofits) that local election boards depend on to guarantee secure and honest elections, even though these donations are increasingly vital to compensate for the new unfunded mandates on local election boards ordered by the state.

These laws are engineered for political expediency, setting dangerous precedents that empower the dominant political party to weaken election integrity protections in order to make it easier for them to circumvent the rules. Unfortunately, they have all passed and become law. 

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