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Election Fraud Conspiracy Groups Attempt to Purge Voters from the Rolls in Battleground States

  • The same groups pushing these challenges are now under investigation for election interference. 


In battleground states, activists armed with disproven conspiracies of election fraud are working to nix tens of thousands of registered voters from the rolls. 


Groups in Georgia have challenged 80,000 voters – a little over 1 in every 100 registered GA voters – across 12 counties, claiming to have evidence that voters’ addresses were incorrect. In Michigan, an activist group tried to challenge 22,000 ballots from voters who had requested absentee ballots for the state’s August primary. And in Texas, residents sent in 116 affidavits challenging the eligibility of more than 6,000 voters in Harris County, which is home to Houston and is the state’s largest county.

These groups claim that state law allows them to question whether a voter is eligible. But so far, almost every complaint has been rejected for being false.  


Still, they are heaping false complaints onto the desks of election officials to investigate. This tactic is costing huge amounts of money, time, and other resources allotted to running elections smoothly—without uncovering any fraud. 

Gwinnett County Elections

Thousands of voters have been challenged in Georgia’s Gwinnett County.

“It’s a tactic to distract and undermine the electoral process,” said Dele Lowman Smith, chairwoman of the DeKalb County Board of Elections in Georgia.  

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