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Gwinnett County Board of Elections Dismisses All Baseless Voter Challengers

Supporters of election fraud conspiracies have taken up a new tactic to undermine smooth elections— filing unwarranted, baseless claims of voter fraud for their local election boards to investigate individually. 


In Gwinnett County, Georgia, these conspiracy theorists have submitted over 37,000 unfounded voter challenges, completely inundating election workers with dead-end, untrue claims of voter fraud to investigate.

Request to Dismiss Unfounded Challenges

That is why a collection of Gwinnett County leaders requested the Gwinnett County Board of Elections to dismiss the frivolous voter “challenges” which threaten to undermine the freedom to vote for hard-working citizens in Georgia. 


The group argued that the challenges are “completely baseless, and they lack any probable cause — and it’s because they’re driven by Trump’s Big Lie conspiracy theory.”


Gwinnett Voter Registrations & Elections 

The group also found that many of these challenges have been quickly withdrawn, their creators acknowledging they are baseless. The challenges were submitted without probable cause to intentionally clog the electoral process and stoke fears of election fraud.  


After hearing the arguments against the excess voter registration challenges, the Gwinnett County Board of Elections chose to dismiss them in full. 

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