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Ethics Watchdogs File Complaint in Spalding County, Georgia

William Perry Of Georgia Ethics Watchdogs Filed A Complaint With Carr’s Office Regarding Spalding BOE Chair Ben Johnson, Who Also Holds The IT Contract With The County Through His Business

A complaint has been filed with the Georgia Attorney General’s office alleging possible election wrongdoing in Spalding County. The complaint was filed with the attorney general’s election fraud division by William Perry of Georgia Ethics Watchdogs. Perry is asking for an investigation into the fact that Spalding Election Board Chairperson Ben Johnson also holds the information technology contract with the county, including the elections division, through his business. ‘This is a bad government decision in terms of the contracting, and it’s potential election fraud on the other end of it,’ Perry said. Johnson’s company, Liberty Technology, has had an IT contract with Spalding County since 2015. A look at public records shows Liberty has made more than $3 million from that contract. The complaint filed with the attorney general alleges that: ‘Because of Mr. Johnson’s ability to access and perform work on the equipment without oversight, voters do not know if the equipment has been improperly tampered with.’

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