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Georgia Outline

Election fraud hunters challenged 92,000 voter registrations in Georgia last year

  • Most of their attempts failed, but they threatened election integrity by drowning election workers in a bureaucratic nightmare. 

What's Happening With Fulton County's Board of Elections?

Register to Vote for the Next Election

America is the greatest country in the world because of her citizens' unwavering commitment to the  freedom to vote and honest elections. 


For our democracy to work, our citizens must have equal opportunities to register to vote, cast their votes, and have those votes counted. The public needs to trust that our elections are free and fair. But politicians have increasingly worked to make it harder for Americans who oppose them to vote, and trust in our democracy is dropping.


New laws in Georgia:

  • Allow anyone without evidence to challenge an unlimited number of voters, creating an unfunded mandate that risks chaos during and after elections.

  • Try to criminalize volunteers from our community – our neighbors, our churches, and our friends – for giving water to thirsty voters waiting in line.

  • Make it harder for Georgia citizens to learn how to then apply to legally vote by mail.


To ensure America remains the shining city on a hill and beacon of freedom and democracy to the world, we need to do better. The first step is ensuring Georgia’s citizens understand the new laws, and who is most affected.

Did You Know? 

  • Despite this, Georgia has proposed and passed new laws to make it harder for citizens to vote and easier for politicians to pick their voters, and made it harder for the public servants who run our elections to do so safely and efficiently. The politicians behind these laws even tried to make it illegal for churches to donate their space for polling locations.   

  • Georgia’s new voting restrictions are especially hard on veterans, the elderly, and young people–and they empower politicians and partisan groups motivated by base political goals to throw out votes cast in good faith by American citizens.

We have got to send a clear message to our leaders. We must protect American citizens’ sacred freedom to vote.

How New Voting Restrictions Undermine Election Integrity in Georgia

After more Georgia citizens voted than ever before and Governor Kemp said he was “frustrated” with the results of the 2020 election, Georgia has passed extreme anti-voter laws that undermine our freedom to vote and make it harder for citizens to vote and easier for the political party in power to decide which votes are counted. 


Learn how these new laws may affect you and your community.

Latest Election Integrity News in Georgia 
Judge Rules Against Voter Protections for Georgia Citizens

Fair Fight Action v. Raffensperger was the first voting rights case to reach a full trial in Georgia in more than a decade. It sought to strengthen voting rights protections in Georgia in response to the unconstitutional policies that have created extreme obstacles for citizens to exercise their freedom to vote and resulted in a failure to uniformly apply election laws across Georgia’s 159 counties.


Fair Fight Action presented the following claims during the trial:

  • The Georgia Secretary of State’s failure to provide adequate training to counties on the correct procedures for in-person absentee ballot cancellations violates the fundamental right to vote guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments and the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause;

  • The Georgia Secretary of State’s failure to maintain accurate voter rolls violates the fundamental right to vote guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments; and

  • The Georgia Secretary of State’s Exact Match Policy violates the fundamental right to vote guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments, the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause, the Fifteenth Amendment’s ban on racial discrimination, as well as Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.


Despite testimony from 51 witnesses, including representatives from churches and organizations, two dozen voters, would-be voters, and poll watchers, personnel from the Secretary of State’s Office, State Election Board members, legal experts, and other government officials, the judge hearing the case ruled against Fair Fight Action and against increased protections for Georgia voters. 


This was an important and historical case that gave voters a chance to be heard.  Unfortunately, in recent years, a divided Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled against the Voting Rights Act in Brnovich v. DNC and other cases, and has eroded other protections put in place to prevent politicians from restricting access to voting.

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Share the Facts

We can not protect election integrity alone. We need need all American citizens to band together. 

Please share our resources with fellow freedom-loving patriots who are dedicated to protecting election integrity. 



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