Georgia Outline

America is the greatest country in the world because of her citizens' unwavering commitment to freedom and honest elections. 


For our democracy to work, our citizens must have equal opportunities to vote, and the public needs to trust that our elections are fair. But politicians have increasingly worked to make it harder for Americans who oppose them to vote, and trust in our democracy is dropping.


New laws in Georgia:

  • Criminalize churches for giving water to thirsty voters waiting in line,

  • Sanction nonprofits that help Georgia citizens learn how to legally vote by mail,

  • Allow anyone without evidence to challenge an unlimited number of voters, creating an unfunded mandate that risks chaos during and after elections.


To ensure America remains the shining city on a hill and beacon of freedom and democracy to the world, we need to do better in our state. The first step is ensuring Georgia’s citizens understand the new laws, and who is most affected.

Did You Know? 

  • Despite this, Georgia has passed new laws to make it harder for citizens to vote and easier for politicians to pick their voters, even making it illegal for churches to hand out water to voters waiting in line.  

  • Georgia’s new voting restrictions are especially hard on veterans, elderly, and young people–and empower politicians and dark money groups to throw out votes cast in good faith by American citizens.

We have got to send a clear message to our leaders. Don’t tread on American citizens’ freedom to vote.

How New Voting Restrictions Undermine Election Integrity in Georgia

After more Georgia citizens voted than ever before and Governor Kemp hailed 2020 as the most secure election ever, Georgia has passed one law after another making it harder for citizens to vote and easier for the political party in power to decide which votes are counted. 


Learn how these new laws may affect you and your community.

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