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Day 6 Highlights from Trump's Criminal Hush Money Trial

Updated: May 1

Day 6 of Trump's criminal hush money trial featured eye-opening testimony from David Pecker, the seasoned tabloid editor, who provided a comprehensive account of the"catch-and-kill" deal he brokered with Trump and Michael Cohen amidst the 2016 presidential election. Trump finds himself on trial in New York, facing felony charges for allegedly falsifying business records to conceal a hush money payment made by Cohen to help his electoral chances.

Trump in court

David Pecker: The "Catch-and-Kill" Agreement Started Pre-2016 Election

On Tuesday, Pecker offered jurors insights into the covert "catch-and-kill" arrangement to assist Trump, detailing the first story he"caught and killed." The ex-National Enquirer publisher stated it involved a fictitious story from a Trump Tower doorman in 2015. He also revealed that this type of agreement was a novelty for Trump before his presidential run, critical evidence for prosecutors trying to tie Trump's attempts to suppress negative narratives to his campaign.

Enquirer Headlines: Trump's Megaphone and Destructive Tool Against Rivals

Pecker's agreement with Trump involved using the publication as a platform for Cohen's opposition research on Trump's presidential counterparts. The jury was shown a series of Enquirer's headlines glorifying Trump and belittling his rivals.

Trump's Legal Team Struggles to Defend Social Media Posts

Before Tuesday's trial, Judge Juan Merchan considered whether Trump had breached the court's limited gag order by aiming at potential witnesses. Trump's lawyer, Todd Blanche, faced criticism from Judge Merchan for his defense of Trump's social media posts.

Trump Faces Potential Contempt Charges

The judge's ruling on the prosecutors' contempt motion remains uncertain. If Trump is found in contempt, he may face a fine or even short-term confinement if he continues to defy court orders.

Pecker's Testimony to Resume with Discussion on Karen McDougal

As Pecker's testimony continues, the former Playboy model Karen McDougal will be the next topic of discussion. In June 2016, McDougal was looking to sell a story about her alleged relationship with Trump, leading to her payment of $150,000 and a promise of a series of exercise articles in the publication.



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