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Is the USA a Democracy or a Constitutional Republic?

Updated: Apr 23

Voters behind ballot boxes

The answer is both. 

Democracy, empowers individuals to participate in the decision-making processes of their nation. The United States of America is a democracy—it’s just not a direct democracy.

In a direct democracy, citizens vote on every federal law, akin to initiatives and referendums (which very quickly becomes painfully inefficient and ineffective). 

However, in the US, laws are passed by members of Congress—individuals directly and democratically elected by constituents in each state to represent their values and enact laws that adhere to our constitutional principles. This is a constitutional republic, which is a type of democracy. 

Our system ensures that every American citizen has the right to democratically express their values through voting. It’s so powerful that our democratic values are enshrined in the very fabric of our society; and our democratic ideals of equality, freedom, and civic engagement are fundamental to our national identity.

Unfortunately, some people would like to break our system and interfere with the voting process. To ensure election integrity in the United States of America, we must not allow this to happen. So whether you call it a democracy or a constitutional republic, we must protect the system that sets the United States of America apart from the rest of the world.



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