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Prominent Conservatives Reviewed Voter Fraud Lawsuits, Concluded No Fraud in 2020 Election

A group of prominent conservative lawyers, retired judges, and former senators published a 72 page report on July 14, rebutting Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud.

The authors, including former US Senators John Danforth and Gordon Smith, three former federal judges, and a GOP election lawyer, determined that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

The report, titled “LOST, NOT STOLEN: The Conservative Case that Trump Lost and Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election,” examined 64 court cases filed by Trump and supporters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, finding no significant evidence of election fraud in any of those cases.

Of the 64 cases examined, Trump only won a single case which involved too few votes to make any substantial difference to the election results.

Donald Trump with Rudy Giuliani
Donald Trump walks with his former attorney, Rudy Giuliani. (Reuters)

Independent election watchdog groups and election officials across the country have repeatedly claimed there was no widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. This report only further confirms that the 2020 election was not stolen.

"There is absolutely no evidence of fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election on the magnitude necessary to shift the result in any state, let alone the nation as a whole. In fact, there was no fraud that changed the outcome in even a single precinct," the report says. “It is wrong, and bad for our country, for people to propagate baseless claims that President Biden's election was not legitimate.”



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