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Georgia's New Voting Law (SB 202) is Undermining Election Integrity in Georgia

Makes it Harder for American Citizens to Cast a Ballot by:

  • Restricting a registered voter's right to cast a provisional ballot if they show up to the wrong polling site,

  • Reducing the number and limiting the use of secure drop boxes to only inside early vote locations and only during reduced early voting hours,

  • Adding burdens to Apply for an absentee ballot,

  • Making it harder to have poll hours extended,

  • Restricting Access to voting resources,

  • Limiting voters’ timeframe for voting in a runoff election, if and when one occurs.

Hyper-Criminalizes Voting by:

  • Making it illegal for poll workers at churches to hand out water and snacks to people waiting in long lines,

  • Creating new sanctions for churches and nonprofits that help citizens learn how to legally vote by mail,

  • Allowing children as young as 13 to be charged with a felony for witnessing a voter cast their ballot.

Encourages Vigilante Voter Caging by:

  • Allowing an individual to challenge an unlimited number of voters and sanctioning counties that refuse to investigate every challenge.

    • This unfunded mandate has resulted in 1/100 registered voters in Georgia being challenged in the last year, wasting the time and resources of our public servants – those who administer elections and our democracy.

Centralizes Power Over Elections in the Hands of Governing Party by:

  • Taking election oversight away from the elected Secretary of State and giving it to the majority party, giving people with political agendas the power to fire and replace entire county Board of Elections and any local election worker at will.

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